SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — With three days of non-stop excitement kicking off today in Salt Lake City, FanX 2023 will feature an assortment of vendors, celebrities, panels, and perhaps its biggest draw for those in attendance — the incredible cosplay.

First introduced in 2014, the FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention quickly became a staple for the pop culture community, both locally and nationally as the state’s largest annual convention. Since it began, it’s brought fans from far and wide to one event in celebration of all aspects of entertainment, from comics and literature to film and television.

As the community gathers, many look forward to the chance to express their fandom by showing off their “cosplay” talents — a practice of wearing costumes and fashions to role-play as beloved characters from all pop culture mediums.

Some of the most awe-inspiring cosplays from FanX 2023 can be seen in the gallery below:

The annual events at FanX give these cosplayers the perfect platform to showcase their interests, and so far this year is looking to be one for the books.

According to local cosplayer Marial Clark in an interview with ABC4: “FanX is an amazing conglomeration of all the nerdy, geeky stuff in Utah.”

Clark says that the “con crunch” sets in shortly before the convention as cosplayers scramble to finish their handmade attire in time for opening day. This pressure, however, inspires some of the season’s best cosplay works to come to fruition.

And as FanX 2023 runs through the weekend, there will certainly be much to see as cosplayers from around the nation gather to share their talents with fans here in Salt Lake City.