Full scale plane crash drill at SLC airport

Local News

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) First responders rushed to the Salt Lake International airport during a full-scale drill Friday.

The fake plane crash was set up to be as real as possible, complete with a debris field full of plane seats and passenger belongings.

“The scenario was that we had a United flight from San Francisco to Chicago. It was having hydraulic problems. It made an emergency landing at SLC,” Airport Director of Communications and Marketing Nancy Volmer said.

The fake crash activates the airport’s Emergency Operation Center and Incident Command. 

“We have a plan on paper, but until you actually practice it, you don’t understand some of the items that are missing,” Volmer said.

“We have to create a situation like this so we could test ourselves,” Airport Fire Captain Cory Huffman said. 

A small percentage of the expected 200 participants took the test, according Huffman, who admits many were busy with their regular duties.

“It makes it a challenge. It makes us really have to manage our people really well,” Huffman said.

The training is required by the FAA every three years.

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