Frozen fun in the sun at the Hogle Zoo

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SLAT LAKE CITY, Utah (news4Utah) – The African Elephants got a warm reception from the crowd but a frosty treat form the Zoo. The Hogle Zoo hosted their annual ice bock day Saturday.

Christie and Zuri were just two of the animals enjoying the crushed ice, ice blocks and popsicles. The sea lions and seals loved having their water on the rocks with a few ice cubes tossed in.

Erica Hansen, Hogle Zoo Community Relations Manager said “So it’s a fun chance for the community to come out and definitely see the animals up and active. Sometimes in those really super hot hours at the zoo the animals like to hunker down and take a little nap. Ice Block Day’s a great way to get ’em up and moving.

Species of all kinds enjoyed some frozen fun at the zoo. Crushed ice walks and ice bock balancing were the perfect cool down for a hot summer day. <itemID>3</itemID><itemSlug>ICE BLOCK DAY AT HOGLE ZOO 5-MOTS NATSVO-3</itemSlug><objSlug>Lower 3rd:Auto Out | Ice Block Day | Utah’s Hogle Zoo |  | </objSlug><objID>{8069B2E9-BAC7-4B2D-B798-AEEA0D3A2C27}</objID><mosID>XPRESSION</mosID><mosAbstract>

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