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From Laos to Law Enforcement – A Utah Police Officer’s American Dream

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ROY, UTAH (ABC4 UTAH)  In 1979 a two-year-old boy and his family escaped the conflict in the country of Laos and eventually made their way to Utah. Today that boy is a Roy City police officer.  In fact, he’s a DARE officer. He’s also a detective and a court bailiff. And he’s this week’s ABC4 Behind the Badge police profile. 
“What’s going on everybody? Are you excited for DARE today?” Chanse Malay greets the students at Midland Elementary School in Roy. He is the DARE officer at this school and all the elementary schools in Roy. “Every time we take risks – we make choices – it comes with consequences.” And he looks at these sessions with students as opportunities to influence. “Hopefully when they leave 6th grade and they go to junior high – when they come into a situation where they see someone teasing a kid or someone offering them alcohol or tobacco – to help them say no to those things.” But Officer Malay also looks at these teaching moments as a chance to do even more. “My goal is to try to help them have good, positive interaction with law enforcement all around.”  It was that positive perception he had of police when he was young that helped him choose to be a cop. “They seemed to be professional and it seemed to be an honorable profession. Seems like they are there to help and my goal is to do the same – to help if I can.”
But there’s much more to his story. You see, while Officer Malay grew up in Ogden – he was born seven and half thousand miles away in a country filled with conflict. His family escaped Laos when he was two. “That’s what my dad did to provide a better life for his children. This is where I grew up – went to school and just tried to be a better life – like what my dad wanted for us.”    
As an officer he has seen a lot of crime and disturbing situations. But he says the incident he thinks of the most in his career is a life saving story. “And this truck made a turn – and all of a sudden I saw the bicker fall over.” About five years ago he witnessed a pickup truck run over a baby carrier attached to a bicycle at 6000 South and 3500 West. “I got on the radio – ‘Hey guys I need help’ – screaming and stuff.” 
The carrier was still under the truck and there was no time to wait for help. “So, I said guys – we got to pick up the back of the truck. So, me and couple of citizens out there – can’t remember how many – lift up the back of the truck.”  Officer Malay was expecting the worst. “I was able to reach and grab the carriage – it was flat.” But then he says he witnessed what a fellow officer would later would call a miracle. “The baby did not have a scratch on his head. “
A few years later it would be Officer Malay who would need a miracle – when he went into cardiac arrest at his home. “My wife says she heard me call her name and I fell – she heard a thump. She went in and my body was seizing.” His heart had stopped beating and he had stopped breathing. While his daughter called 911 – his wife started CPR. “She began doing chest compressions.” Officer Malay woke up two days later surgeons put in a defibrillator to make sure his heart kept beating. And he began getting back in shape to get back to work. Not long after he returned to the force – he was made a detective. 
He says whether he is serving as a detective, an officer, a bailiff or in the DARE program he says his goal is always the same – put on the badge and serve the people of the City of Roy. “I’m out here to help the community. Trying to make it a better place for everyone to live.” 
Officer Malay says he has only had to use his taser one time during his 15 year career.  And he missed, but still got his man – hear him tell the story in our web extra below. 

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