From drug dealing to dealing sandwiches to homeless in Ogden

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OGDEN, Utah (ABC4 News) – A South Ogden woman is giving people a hand up during the pandemic by reaching out to the homeless population in her community.

Carissa Henline started handing out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches during Mother’s Day as she drove up and down the streets of Ogden. She posted pictures on social media, and other members of the community started paying attention.

“You wake up and you kind of hoped you would have died in your sleep, you know so that you just weren’t waking up again, but you just kind of go on,” said Sherry P., a volunteer.

Sherry P. knows firsthand what it’s like to be homeless and live on the streets. It’s what led her to team up with Carissa.

“I feel like we’re all people and whether we have everything or nothing, we all deserve to be fed,” said Carissa Henline.

After posting pictures on Facebook, attention started circulating between other locals.

“Every week there’s five more people and another five people, ‘hey can I chime in on this day?’ it’s just really beautiful,” said Henline.

Carissa says her goal is to get the community together in a time of crisis and make everyone feel better. 

“We’re not different people, we’ve had homes, we’ve had cars, we’ve had jobs,” said Colby, a resident who is experiencing homelessness.

Colby says due to the pandemic, resources for the homeless have been cut short.

“We just want to move forward, that’s all we want. And without the programs or the case management going, it doesn’t move anybody forward, we just have to sit here and wait,” he added.

With many experiencing sorrow and desperation right now, Carissa believes if she and other volunteers can replace desperation with hope, it can make a positive impact on the whole community.

Carissa is asking for donations, but not in money form. She says if you can donate bread, PB&J or other food supplies, that would be awesome. For more information, find Carissa Henline on Facebook.

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