SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Aaron Lowe’s older brother and high school friend are speaking out after the 21-year-old defensive back for the University of Utah football team was shot and killed while at a house party in Sugar House early Sunday morning.

Risha Smith has nothing but fond memories of Aaron Lowe. 

“He was basically always the peacemaker,” Smith, a high school friend of Lowe’s, tells ABC4. 

“Every time you see him, he’s got the biggest smile on his face somedays you’ll see him just walking around singing random songs.” 

While their time together at Northwood High school in Louisiana was short, Smith says the impact Aaron had on her life was massive.  

She says his motivation to get to the NFL one day translated into everything he did.  

“His main thing he’d always say ‘when I make it in football, when I make it in imma make sure my family is taken care of’.” 

And that got him to the University of Utah — where he was the first recipient of the Ty Jordan Memorial Scholarship.

Smith says she’s devastated knowing Lowe came so far, just to have his dream taken in an instant. 

“I remember him being happy the happiest he could be because he made it knowing that he made it that far in life and just to have this taken from him.” 

Aaron’s brother Adron says he feels like he lost a part of himself when Aaron died. 

“There’s three of us so it’s like now it feels so incomplete,” he says. 

They’re triplets and they were inseparable. Even when Aaron moved to Utah and his brothers stayed in Texas, Adron says the brothers’ bond stayed strong. 

“Every chance I got to catch up with him, I would call him you know before a game, I would call him talk to him you know wish him luck on his game,” Adron tells ABC4. 

While Adron says his family is struggling to process the news, he’s vowing to do what Aaron would want. 

“What he would want is for everybody to come together be one be on the same page stop all the hate and evil stuff.” 

The shooting is under investigation by the Salt Lake City Police Department.