Friends, coworkers and former students remember murdered teacher

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HARRISVILLE (ABC4 Utah News) – Friends, colleagues and former students gathered at GreenWood Charter School Thursday to celebrate the life of murdered teacher Cheryl Baker.

The 56 year old’s body was found June 19th along with the bodies of two other women on property owned by Baker’s husband Gerald Michael Bullinger in Caldwell, Idaho.

Baker’s friends remember her as a dedicated teacher at numerous schools, including the Utah School for the Deaf, Mill Creek Elementary and most recently at GreenWood Charter where she taught art last year.

“She was truly generous. She touched so many people,” GreenWood teacher Henry DeMars told ABC4 Utah News. “She was able to help everybody and anybody that she came in contact with.”

“She was the kindest, most giving person, always smiling,” GreenWood teacher Diana Sciandra said. “But at the same time was our rock, was the woman we knew we could go to to talk about anything.”

They spoke of Cheryl’s love for teaching, Hinduism, river rafting and the music of Bob Dylan.

“She enjoyed doing things as a friend,” longtime friend Cathy Boyd said. “You know was always willing to go do anything, explore something, go camping, go see this, go do that, go swim with dolphins. Go see the whales.”

As a lasting tribute to Cheryl some of her former students helped to plant a maple tree in front of the school.

Neither the children or the adults can comprehend why the life of a such a gentle person came to a sudden and violent end.

“My hope in the end is that we can get some closure in the end on what’s going on here,” Boyd said. “I think that’s still was just hard for a lot of people.”

“I’m mad. I’m really mad and I know she wouldn’t want that,” Sciandra said. “I just keep thinking about how it ended and how I need to double the love, triple the love, quadruple the love out there because there are bad things that happen to good people and the more that we can counteract that I think she would be happy.”

Police are still searching Bullinger, who was last seen in the Ogden area and may be driving a white 2007 Ford Focus. He is considered a person of interest in the case, armed and dangerous. If you see him, call the police.

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