Friend of murder-suicide couple speaks

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TAYLORSVILLE, Utah (ABC 4 News) – Cami Sandoval knew the two women involved in Thursday morning’s murder-suicide and she is heartbroken she couldn’t save their lives.

“I haven’t come to grips with it yet. I mean, two of my best friends — I don’t have either one now,” said Sandoval.

She had been friends with 47-year-old Richelle Horsley and 49-year-old Fransiska Dastrup for years.

But recently, Sandoval says, Richelle — who went by Shelly — had wanted a split. And Dastrup wanted revenge.

“She said, ‘I’m going to meet Jesus today and I’m taking Shelly with me,'” said Sandoval.

Sandoval was concerned for the safety of both women.

“Last Thursday, she punched Shelly in the head,” said Sandoval.

Police noticed “redness on her face” and they documented the situation — citing Dastrup for assaulting Horsley last week.

Sandoval felt Dastrup was losing her grip–and had gone too far.

“She was asking me to point out cerebral places on the head not to feel a bullet wound and I was concerned,” said Sandoval.

So she filed a stalking injunction against Dastrup on June 19.

Unified Police say they tried three times to serve the protective order this week, but they couldn’t find Dastrup.

“Safety planning is key when people are pursuing a protective order. That’s when danger goes up. The abusive partner starts to lose control,” said Jenn Oxborrow, with Utah Domestic Violence Coalition.

On Thursday morning, police say Dastrup shot and killed Horsley before turning the gun on herself.

“I, in a sense, feel responsible. Because I don’t know what I could have done,” said Sandoval.

“I felt like me and Shelly took all the necessary steps, but it hurts.”

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