Fridays with Freddie: Staying healthy

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(ABC4) – Did you know being active can improve your health and mood? It’s true! Learn with Freddie the Firetruck what you can do, Friday.

On February 5, The Sandy Fire Department teams up with Freddie the fire truck and informs children how to stay healthy.

One the first things, the duo suggests is eating healthier.

“Did you know there are foods even grownups don’t like?” shares the Sandy Fire department. “However there’s a lot of fruits and vegetables to choose from.”

The department says, if you stay healthy you are less likely to get sick.

The duo learn that drinking water and getting lots of sleep is also critical for staying healthy.

“When you sleep, it makes your body stronger for the next day, so you can do everything you want to do,” explains the department.

The duo hopes everyone stays healthy and stays safe.

Freddie’s Tips on How to Stay Healthy

Eat fruits and vegetables

Drink plenty of water


Wash your hands regularly

Limit your TV consumption

Be Active!

Play sports, hang out with friends, go hiking, and play with your pets.

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