MICHIGAN (ABC4) – A Utah woman is heading back home after assisting in the rescue of dozens of dogs that were being abused and mistreated in multiple counties throughout Michigan.

Amy Meyer, 34, of Salt Lake City helped lead a four-day sit-in at the Missaukee County Sheriff’s Office which prompted officials from three other counties and the sheriff’s department to rescue all of the dogs whose suffering was exposed during an undercover PETA investigation.

Meyer was one of nearly 20 PETA supporters who traveled to Michigan after Missaukee County Sheriff Wil Yancer refused to act on PETA’s video footage and photos of Jack Russell terrier breeder John D. Jones severing puppies tails with forceps and without anesthetics or pain relief as the animals screamed in pain.

Courtesy: PETA

PETA says dozens of dogs were confined to small cages outside where they shivered in the rain and snow. The night before the dogs’ rescue, the temperature dropped to negative 5 degrees.

Animal control agencies in Clare, Roscommon, and Wexford counties and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources removed the dogs from Jones’ property.

Courtesy: PETA

“Thanks to Amy Meyer’s courage and selflessness, today, we can celebrate that these dogs have finally been rescued from the freezing cold,” says PETA Vice President Dan Paden. “PETA hopes anyone moved by their plight will never buy from a breeder and always adopt from a shelter instead.”

PETA is now calling for cruelty charges to be filed against Jones and urging the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development to investigate him and bar him for life from being licensed to breed dogs.