Free local program equips parents to talk about potentially awkward topics with teens

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Talking about the birds and the bees with your kids can be really uncomfortable.

Abraham Hernandez is the Executive Director with Centro Hispano. He joined us in studio Thursday to discuss the Families Talking Together (FTT) program they offer to help parents with the often difficult discussion.

“The biggest challenge we hear from parents across the board is that they feel embarrassed or awkward talking to their kids about this topic or they don’t know what to say or are afraid they’ll say the wrong thing,” Hernandez said, “FTT gives parents an opportunity to sit down in a safe setting with someone who can give them tips and coach them through this process,” he added.

The goal of the program is to give parents some concrete skills and tools they can use to start the conversation with their kids, and secondly, to help them feel more confident in doing this.

It is free of cost and available for any parents with teens or pre-teen, beginning at age 10.

“Currently we’re piloting the program in Brigham City and Logan, Ogden area, Salt Lake County and Utah County, and we hope to expand to other areas eventually,” said Hernandez.

Those interested can contact their local health department to set up an appointment or find out when the next class will be.

This program is offered in Spanish and English and only takes two hours.

For more information about the FTT program at Centro Hispano click here.

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