(ABC4) – The Centers for Disease Control has approved Pfizer’s pediatric doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, which now gives nearly 400,000 Utah children eligibility for the COVID shot.

According to the Utah Department of Health, there are many providers across the state that have those pediatric doses in their office now, but that’s not the case everywhere. One question on the minds of parents is when and where they can get their kids to get vaccinated?

According to the Salt Lake County Health Department’s website, several health centers operated by the county’s health department are currently taking appointments for the pediatric doses. However, the Utah Department of Health says they expect full availability by Monday, November 8.

A parent we spoke with says her children are high-risk and has already made an appointment to get her 11-year-old vaccinated who’s had to isolate herself from other families.

Jessica Torgerson of North Salt Lake is a mom of five children, says her family is excited to get her 11-year-old vaccinated. Torgerson tells ABC4 that her son is at high risk for COVID and has had to keep him isolated from other siblings.

“It feels better than Christmas, I’m looking forward to my 14-year-old that’s had to live with family elsewhere to stay distant from the 11-year-old coming back to live with us, I’ve had so much anxiety about protecting my little boy from this virus” an emotional Torgerson says.

Fortunately, she’s been able to get an appointment to have her 11-year-old son vaccinated. But for other parents looking for information as to how, when, and where to get the pediatric dose, here’s four things to know.

1. GO TO CORONAVIRUS.UTAH.GOV The Utah Department of Health says the website is still being updated with the latest information but parents can use this as a guide. (show over should shot of website)
2. If you don’t see your specific provider on the list, health officials say call your healthcare provider to see if they are offering the kid-size doses.
3. If you know that your provider is offering the pediatric doses, the Department of Health says you should still call and check to see if you’ll need an appointment or if walk-ins are welcome.
4. The pediatric will dose will be 1/3 of the adult doses of the vaccine, which they say may affect your child’s abilities to do daily activities but should go away within a few days. For parents concerned about side effects, the CDC recommends not giving your child any painkillers before getting the shot.

Doctors at Intermountain Healthcare remind parents that there are 2 doses that are given.

While the Utah Department of Health says most providers will have kids’ vaccine shots available by Monday, officials say to check with your local provider to see about availability beforehand.