Former USU football player on trial for rape described as ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ in court

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BRIGHAM CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – In opening statements Monday, state prosecutors said the former Utah State University football player accused of raping several women was “like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” 

In her opening statement, Criminal Deputy Attorney Barbara Lachmar spoke to the 12-member jury that was selected Friday, showing them pictures of Green’s alleged victim. 

Victim 1 met Torrey Green on Tinder. They exchanged messages and agreed to meet up in a public place. The victim described Green as charming and handsome. He invited her to his home for dinner. He taught her how to make fried chicken. Then the state said he asked her if he could give her a massage; she stipulated that it only be over the clothing. The victim stated he did not comply and started putting his hands inside her clothing. After a struggle, the victim claimed Green raped her. 

Victim 1 was scared, she did not report the rape to the police. She wrote a poem “filled with profanity” about the assault. She was angry, prosecutors said. 

Later, Victim 1 met another woman who told her, “He raped me, too.”

Victim 1 felt enormous regret that she did not report rape to police. 

Victim 2 said Green “pinned her against the wall” after they were watching a movie at his house. “He removed her clothing, he forced her onto the bed…he raped her. She was crying.” 

“After it was over, he said ‘Now you can go home,” the state said. 

Victim 2 said she was afraid to report the rape. “He was a football player, sometimes they get special treatment,” the state paraphrased. Victim 2 also expressed concern about his career, that reporting him would cause problems for his future. 

Victim 2 saw media coverage of the alleged rape reported by Victim 1, and decided to report her own alleged rape. Prosecutors said she suffers significant symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Victim 3 was the alleged victim of an attempted rape in October of 2014. She was asked out by Green via Tinder. He asked her to go to his apartment to watch a movie, and when she went into the apartment Green suggested they watch the movie in his bedroom. Defendant then tried to kiss her, but she resisted, the state said. Victim 2 said she became fearful and felt like she needed to defend herself. Instead, she tried to escape, but he blocked her from leaving, Lachmar said. She continued saying Green “pinned her up against the wall, forcing hte weight of his body and began to grind his genitals on her crotch area, saying ‘Come on, you’ll like it.'” 

Victim 3 then said “What would your mother think of you!?, to which Green allegedly replied “You’re not even worth it.” 

Victim 3 got home and sobbed, Lachmar said. 

Victim 4 was invited over to his apartment, but was nervous to spend time with him because Green apparently did not share much information about himself. 

Victim 4 said Green “pushed her on the bed and attempted to remove her pants.” Victim 4 claimed Green then raped her, even though she was crying “I don’t like it. I don’t want to do it.” 

“Just be quiet and let me finish,” Green said, according to Lachmar. 

“You’re not the kind of girl who would report a rape, are you? Because that could ruin my career,” Victim 4 said Green told her. 

Victim 4 went to the hospital shortly after the encounter and reported the alleged attack to authorities. 

Victim 5 said defendant asked to come over to her house, tried to kiss her and then ignored her protests as he tried to remove her clothing. He told her that “he was really good,” and he followed her into her bedroom. Victim 5 told prosecutors after he raped her, he took a selfie with her. 

Victim 6 was allegedly raped by the defendant in August of 2015, after he invited her to watch a movie. Victim said she felt “overpowered” by Green and tried to get away from him as he was attempting to rape her. “Come on, you want me inside of you,” the defendant allegedly told the victim. She protested and tried to get her clothing back on, but he attacked her again, prosecutors said. 

Green then asked her, “You wouldn’t be the type of girl to report this would you? I have a lot of friends and buddies who get messed up by this. I have a lot to lose.” 

“None of these women know each other,” Lachmar told the jury. “Every single one of them were raped the very first time the door shut behind them. Within hours of meeting this gentleman, they were raped by him.” 

Green’s defense attorney Skye Lazaro then spoke to the jury.

“This is a case about trying to repair a relationship. This is a case about needing attention. This is a case about being upset about not getting another date. This is not a case about rape. Rape is reprehensible,” Lazaro said. 

“Torrey is a man who respects women,” Lazaro said. “Consensual sex happens all the time. You may not agree with the way Torrey was. May not agree that he hooked up with a lot of girls. May not think that behavior is the way someone should act. But that’s not why we are here. We are here because these girls were upset at Torrey. Upset for a number of reasons, and waited years – years to report it.”

“This case is about opportunity,” Lazaro said, suggesting the initial newspaper article about Green, in which a few victims were interviewed, came out as he was being drafted by the Atlanta Falcons. 

“Does it make sense to not report it until he’s a professional football player?,” Lazaro posited to the jury. 

Dr. Kyle Max Hancock then took the stand as the state’s first witness. 

Hancock is a psychologist at Mount Logan clinic in Logan, Utah, providing treatment for children, teenagers and adults. 

“In a traumatic event, our brain tells us to fight, fly or freeze,” said Dr. Hancock. “Most victims of sexual assault freeze.”

Hancock also said most victims don’t recall many details of the sexual assault until later on. 

After a lunch break, several of Green’s accusers took the witness stand. 

Victim 1 took the stand, stating she met Green through Tinder in 2013 and decided to meet in person. She said she felt safer meeting in public at first. “He seemed very charming and cute and nice,” the witness told jurors. 

Later, the witness stated she planned to meet Green at his house and he would make dinner for her. The witness stated he made fried chicken and that the two talked for most of the evening. 

“I was having fun,” the witness stated. 

“We went into his bedroom…to watch a movie,” she said. “He started talking to me about music and we listened to some different music. He asked to give me a massage. I said ‘Yes, but all of my clothes will stay on for that.'”

The victim said Green began to lift up her shirt and put his hands underneath it, even though she protested verbally. 

“When he wouldn’t stop trying to take my shirt off, I stood up and tried to keep my shirt on,” the witness said. “I was trying to keep my clothes on, I was telling him to stop and pushing him away.”

“It was a struggle, and he was getting my clothes off – and I was really scared,” the witness recounted. “I was telling him to stop.” He did not stop, the witness stated.

“He started raping me,” she said. She continued that after he raped her, he watched a YouTube video while she put her clothing back on.”He said he really likes black girls because they are really sassy and if you try to have sex with them, you can’t make them do that. He said he prefers that.”

The witness said that made her feel angry. “I had just done everything I could to not let that happen and … yeah.”

The witness said Green then asked her if she was scared. “I said yes, and I thought that would make him stop, but it did the opposite. He seemed to like that,” the witness said. 

Asked why she did not report immediately, the witness said “I just wanted to forget about all of it and move on.”

The witness said right after the rape, she wrote a poem about it and posted it to Tumblr. The state used the poem as a piece of key evidence, to which the defense objected, calling the poem hearsay. But the state argued her posting of the poem shortly after the rape negates the defense’s argument that the witness’s reporting of the rape to authorities years later was “opportunistic,” arguing the witness clearly had strong feelings about what happened to her, but was unable to share them because of the trauma associated with it. 

“It has been hell. It has caused me to have problems in my relationships…a lot of drinking…a lot of depression,” the witness says of her rape. “It’s been violating and re-traumatizing,” she said of the legal process. 

The defense worked to establish conflicts in the witness’s testimony and her statement to police in 2016  – which was three years after the alleged encounter. 

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