Former Saratoga Springs police officer arrested for sexual conduct with a minor

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SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah (ABC4 Utah)- A former officer with the Saratoga Springs Police Department was arrested after police say he had “sexual contact” with a minor.

46-year-old Aaron David Rosen of South Jordan was booked into the Utah County Jail on one charge of Unlawful Sexual Activity With a Minor. It started when the victim’s father returned home from work early.

According to police, on July 27th when the dad came home he saw a stranger jumping from his 2nd story balcony and eventually driving away.

The father followed the man and was able to get a plate number from his car and description of him.

When he came back home, officers say he asked his 16-year-old son what was going on. Police say his son told him he met the man through a social media app.

“When Saratoga Springs Police arrived and the father gave them the information he gathered [,]they learned that the man who left his home was a former police officer with Saratoga Springs Police Department who had recently retired,” a press release said.

The Utah County Sheriff’s Office took over the investigation and met with the victim. The teen reportedly told them Rosen came to the house and “began to engage in sexual activity with him” when his dad came home early. That’s when Rosen left though the balcony and jumped to the ground.

But Rosen denied the allegations on his Facebook account before it was removed. He said he was “catfished” by the juvenile.

Rosen wrote: “The guy presented himself to me as a 23 year-old college student who worked full time and was living with his “roommates.

Rosen claimed the 23-year old invited him to his apartment while his roommate was away.  Despite the claim by police that he had sex with the male, Rosen said that’ s not true.

“I did not ever admit to any sexual contact with the guy,”  Rosen said on his Facebook. “Being LGBT is tough as it is.  But trying to meet and date good people sometimes is harder!”

But Police said the law is clear when dealing with minors.

“It’s not an affirmative defense that you did not know the actual age of a person that you were interacting with,” Sgt. Spencer Cannon said. : “It’s difficult in situations like this when individuals have the public’s trust and they’re accused of something like this.”

But Cannon said these are allegations against Rosen and should be considered innocent until proven guilty.

Rosen bailed out of jail about four hours after he was booked into the Utah County jail.  He is expected to be in court Wednesday afternoon.

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