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SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – A former South Jordan police officer was charged with a felony and is accused of extorting his ex-wife.

Prosecutors say he told someone how he used compromising photos of his ex-wife to get her to back off during divorce proceedings.

Jonathan Mangum, 31, is accused of theft by extortion. Investigators say between April 28, 2017 and August 21, 2017, he threatened to expose his ex-wife to “hatred, contempt, ridicule.” He also “threatening to reveal information sought to be concealed.”

According to the probable cause statement, Mangum responded to a domestic violence call while on duty for South Jordan Police Department. After dealing with the incident, Mangum was talking to the domestic violence suspect.

Mangum allegedly relayed information about using a picture of his ex-wife “doing dope” to force her to back off pursuing a share of his pension during divorce proceedings.

Mangum also said “I’ll get DCFS involved, I’ll throw this up on Facebook. I’ll show your parents, I’ll *expletive* ruin you’re a**.” After threatening her with the photo, Mangum said she backed off. He also finished the conversation by saying “sucks you gotta play dirty games like that.”

Investigators interviewed Mangum’s ex-wife and she confirmed he had texted her a picture when threatening her about the divorce settlement. She said there were several circumstances weighing on the decision, but the photograph made her back off because she didn’t want to “risk” Mangum putting the photo out. Court documents say she was “scared” and “embarrassed” by the photo.

After obtaining a warrant, investigators looked through the ex-wife’s phone and found the text messages and confirmed several dates where it was used in threatening manner.

According to court documents, text messages and Mangum’s own statement show he was able to get his ex-wife to back off from pursuing a portion of his pension by threatening to reveal the compromising photos.

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