BINGHAM COUNTY, Idaho (ABC4) – An Idaho Sheriff has pled guilty to aggravated assault after threatening a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Young Women’s group in early November.

Former Bingham County Sheriff Craig Rowland pointed a gun at a vehicle containing a church group of seven girls and their group leader after the girls had left a “thankful turkey” at his front door.

The group and their adult leader were said to have been leaving Thanksgiving thank-you notes at the homes of members in their congregation one night and went to leave a note at Rowland’s home. 

The group was reportedly able to drive away and call 911 after Rowland brandished his gun.

East Idaho News reports that the former Sheriff took a plea agreement in the case, in which the prosecution will dismiss a felony charge of aggravated battery as well as a misdemeanor charge for the exhibition of a firearm, according to Defense Attorney Dennis Wilkinson.

Rowland had been Sheriff of Bingham County since 2012 and was re-elected in 2020 for his third term. 

The former Sheriff agreed to probation and ten days of jail to be served during the course of that probation, Wilkson says.

Rowland is scheduled to be sentenced by District Judge Stephen Dunn on Oct. 25.