UTAH (ABC4) – A former BYU professor has been charged with five counts of forcible sexual abuse of interns or employees working for him.

Court documents show 47-year-old Michael James Clay has been charged with five counts of forcible sexual abuse after originally being charged in June 2020 for two counts of forcible sexual abuse.

Clay was a former geography department professor at BYU whose original 2020 charge led to the new charge of five additional counts.

Court documents say Clay allegedly met with one victim a few times a week from Jan. 2017 to March 2020. Officials say Clay convinced the student to conduct therapy sessions with him which involved her straddling him while sitting face-to-face. Officials say the victim was being counseled by Clay and was told she needed to align her “crotch chakra.”

The victim says she felt uncomfortable but says Clay reminded her that he held power over her academic success. Authorities say Clay would, “use religion to manipulate her into feeling a certain way.”

The other victims shared similar stories of counseling sessions that turned into discussions of a sexual nature.

Court documents say Clay would ask highly personal questions about the victims’ sexual experiences and would engage in unwarranted physical contact. Charging documents say Clay engaged in “ecclesiastical abuse.”

Clay is scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 14.