Flying ice smashes FedEx truck windshield, driver/UHP warn of danger

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STOCKTON, Utah (ABC4 News) – A Grantsville man is grateful to be alive after a flying piece of ice smashed through his windshield.

FedEx driver, Mark Gilbert, was driving near the town of Stockton when the ice broke his windshield, cutting his face.

According to a police report, Gilbert’s vehicle was traveling southbound, and the other was traveling north.

In a Facebook post, Gilbert said the ice came from a truck towing a cargo trailer, and as it passed him, a chunk of ice broke loose.

Gilbert did not want to talk on camera, but he continues in his post to say: “Not to lay blame on anyone, just a reminder to please clean the snow off your vehicles before driving.”

Utah Highway Patrol officers responded to the scene and Sgt. Nick Street warns drivers of the dangers winter elements left on vehicles can cause.

“It can create a missile for another motorist,” Street said. “Don’t have that liability, don’t put yourself in a position where you might hurt somebody with something that’s going on unbeknownst to you on your vehicle.”

Street said there’s no law against winter elements on top of vehicles, only for windshields.

“There’s a six-inch ring around the outside of that windshield where it meets the frame of the vehicle and you can’t have anything obstructing inside of that,” Street said.

ABC4 News reached out to FedEx for comment.

The company states: A FedEx truck was involved in an incident near Salt Lake City, Utah. We are grateful that our team member is OK. In accordance with company practice, we do not share personal information about our employees.

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