Flu activity has already begun circulating in Utah communities

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SALT LAKE, Utah (News4Utah) — The Utah Department of Health is already reporting flu activity in our communities. To avoid a repeat of last year’s record number of deaths, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has urged everyone 6 months and older to get the flu shot
The chilling numbers were recently released by the CDC for the last flu season.

80,000 people died from or complications of the flu, the worst it’s seen in a decade and breaking the record by 24,000 deaths (56,000 deaths in the 2012/2013 flu season).
180 children died from the flu, the most since the CDC began tracking pediatric deaths  
Roughly 700,000 people were hospitalized.
It got so bad, it overwhelmed hospitals and some patients were treated in tents in parking lots. 
The dominant and deadliest strain last season was the H3N2 influenza. 
The vaccine was only about 40% effective. 
The CDC says flu vaccines have been updated to better match circulating viruses.
The CDC strongly urging everyone get vaccinated by the end of this month even tweeting that Wednesday.
Despite it being imperfect, getting a flu shot is recommended. It gives protection and lessens symptoms if you do end up getting the flu.

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