BLUFFDALE, Utah (ABC4) – For anyone who’s ever wanted to cliff dive, but could never bring themselves to do it — a new hyperreality simulation will give Utahns the opportunity to test the waters.

JUMP is set to open its first location in Bluffdale on May 28, and has now opened registration for those chasing their next dose of adrenaline, through a virtual reality experience, a press release states.

The simulator is a “blend of suspension and wind systems that enable people to experience the extreme thrill of jumping off cliffs and skyscrapers without the danger.”

The simulation allows participants to jump from Notch Peak, located on Sawtooth Mountain just outside Delta. The mountain reaches 9,658 feet into the west desert. Notch Peak also has the second tallest pure vertical drop in the United States.

The “hyperreal simulation” includes a real wingsuit and a custom-built virtual reality (VR) helmet.

According to a statement released by JUMP, the “flow state” that jumpers enter while “jumping” off of a cliff is known to have dramatically improve the performances of athletes and others.

Participating jumpers can also choose to jump from Mount Eiger — a 13,015 feet mountain of the Bernese Alps in Switzerland.

JUMP will open at 14725 S. Porter Rockwell Blvd.