UTAH COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 News) The Utah County Health Department said they have confirmed a human case of West Nile virus (WNV) in Utah County. In a press release, the department stated this is the first case since the 2017 mosquito season.

Protect yourself from mosquitoes

Public health officials are asking everyone to protect themselves, and take precautionary measures to avoid West Nile exposure.

West Nile is passed through the bites of a mosquito. Here are the prevention “D’s” to help you stay safe.

  • DRAIN standing water. Remove items that collect standing water, such as tires, buckets, unused flower pots, toys, etc.
  • DAWN and DUSK are the times to avoid being outside.
  • DRESS appropriately by wearing long sleeves and pants when outside.
  • DEFEND yourself by using insect repellent with DEET.
  • DOOR and window screens should be in good working condition.
  • DISTRICT (Mosquito District) personnel are available to address mosquito concerns. Call 801-851-7637 or fill out a service request form online at: bit.ly/UCMosquitoRequest

This should serve as a reminder to all residents to take steps to prevent mosquitoes and West Nile Virus. The importance of using insect repellent with DEET cannot be overstated

Dan Miller, Mosquito Abatement Director

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