UTAH (ABC4) – The first clue has been given for Utah’s fourth annual treasure hunt.

Organizers John Maxim and David Cline announced the first clue Friday on Instagram.

The first clue reads like a poem:

Start your search with each cool morning

Think of how they would send a warning

Around or through where two birds feed

Look down on your faithful steed

Rest a moment when that’s done

Then turn now from the rising sun

Around the heart but don’t yet stop

Wave as you pass Weathertop

Left or right it’s up to you

One is better though both will do

You’ll know your close with branches swinging

Listen to the hills all singing

Kiss the tree that’s all alone

And find the chest beneath the stone

Organizers have released the boundaries in which eager hunters should search for the treasure:

While finding the money would be a great prize, the organizers say this is their way of giving back to the community. “Each year we do this, you can noticeably see an uptick in hikers. The real treasure is seeing families spend time together,” Maxim adds.

The record thus far for finding the treasure is 17 days but the organizers say they hope it will take you a little longer this year to find it.

Happy hunting!