OGDEN, Utah (ABC4) – A firework and open flame restriction has been issued for residents in Ogden from June 24 through October 15 due to heightened dry weather and severe drought.

The Ogden City Fire Department and Ogden Fire Marshall say the “use of any firework device or open flame shall be prohibited” in certain areas including:

  • All wooded areas along the Ogden and Weber river parkway beginning at the eastern boundary of the city at the mouth of Ogden Canyon and continuing along the pathways to the west city boundary and the south city boundary
  • Any associated parks along the river corridor
  • All of Fort Buenaventura
  • The city baseball park and dog park area located off A Avenue
  • The old landfill property located near 2550 A Avenue, near Fort Buenaventura.

Officials define an ignition source as, “Any lighted or burning material or object, including recreational fires or campfires, a lighted pipe, cigar, cigarette, firework, lighter, match, or smoking paraphernalia.”

Officials say ignition sources are not be lit throughout:

  • Any mountainous, brush/forest-covered areas
  • Wildlife urban areas including all areas of the city east of Harrison Boulevard from the north city boundary to the south city boundary
  • Land being used for agricultural purposes

Authorities say those who violate this rule will be subject to criminal misdemeanor charges. Individuals responsible for fires that result from negligence, including the parents of minors, may be held accountable for the cost of damages and expenses related to firefighting efforts.

All illegal fires and fireworks ignited in restricted areas can be reported by calling the Weber Area Consolidated Dispatch Center at (801) 629-8221.

“Please help keep our community safe from fires,” says Ogden Fire officials. “We urge everyone to use common sense this holiday season and practice extreme caution.”