Firefighters say house fires are deadlier than ever before

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SALT LAKE COUNTY (News4Utah) — Does your family know how to get out of your home if it catches on fire?Fire investigators say you have a matter of seconds.

Unified Fire Department demonstrated how house fires are deadlier than ever before. 

They hosted a live burn, simulating a room catching on fire.
 “If you are caught in an environment like this, you have seconds,” said Ryan Love with Unified Fire Authority. 

Firefighters say homes are not built like they used to. Instead of 8 or 9 minutes you have under 2 minutes to escape a burning home.

“You are more likely to die in a house fire today than in 1980. While there are fewer house fires they are more intense and deadly than ever before,’ said Love. 

Why? Firefighters say because of the way homes are built. They’re bigger with open floor plans with cheaper synthetic materials.

UFA says learn the 3 Ls:

“Look, listen and learn. Look around your house to see anything flammable, listen to your fire alarms and learn two ways out of your house. Especially this time of year, look for overloaded circuits, Christmas trees are a big one and in this season, space heaters.”

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