Fire evacuation: What would you take?

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LAYTON (ABC4 News) – What would you take with you if you only had minutes to get out of your home? 

That was the urgent decision for the residents of 125 houses near the Snoqualmie Fire Monday night when police and firefighters banged on their doors and told them to leave immediately.

U.S. Army Master Sergeant Mike Montoya and his cat Sluggo heard knocking around 10:30 p.m. Monday.

“Cops and the fire department came and banged on the door and said ‘Time to go’ so I threw my cat in the truck, threw a few things in the truck,” Master Sergeant Montoya told ABC4 News. “I got my prescriptions. I got my uniform and a shave kit in case I had to go to work today and my cat and his litter box and out the door, we went.”

A few blocks west, Ryan and Capri Fullmer did not have to evacuate but planned what they would grab if they did.

“Probably the irreplaceables first, family pictures, stuff like that,” Ryan said. “You know, titles to whatever we own, passports and stuff that’s kind of hard to replace.” 

“Documents, marriage license, stuff like that, important things,” Capri added. “I didn’t have my wedding ring on so I thought I’d hurry and grab that and then photos and stuff.”

Experts say the most important things to take are your pets, medications, driver’s license, the deed to your house plus your car title, proof of insurance, birth certificates, passports and social security cards. 

ABC4 News put Capri to the test to see what she items she would gather if she had two minutes to get out the door.

In a minute and 48 seconds, she immediately retrieved her wedding ring and a special necklace then a folder of important documents, her husband’s laptop computer and several photos.

“OK,” she said. “I’m done.”

She consciously decided to leave behind all of her clothes, shoes and makeup.

“I feel like you can go out and buy all that stuff or get it from family members,” she explained. “But the ring I could never replace and that necklace and pictures and stuff like that. Memories I guess.”

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