HURRICANE, Utah (ABC4) – Officials are trying to contain the Left Fork Fire in the Dixie National Forest that’s burning more than 100 acres with 0% containment.

Fire managers tell ABC4 Southern Utah Correspondent, Jordan Verdadeiro, that windy conditions are making fighting the fire more difficult and with high winds also hitting the area, they have growing concerns.

“Winds, 20-30 miles an hour which aren’t uncommon, but predicted gusts to 55 miles an hour,” says Mike Melton, the Southwest Utah Area Fire Management Officer with the Division of Forestry, Fire & State Lands.

Melton says low humidity amplifies a fire’s ability to spread quickly, especially when grass and debris are near.

“Right now, where it’s just starting to head out and mature is the best time to cut it, a real clean zone within 30 feet of your house and then moving out,” he says.

Melton says on Thursday, restrictions begin on unincorporated land in Washington County, and that Kane County may also follow suit in the next week.

“On special cases the county fire warden can issue a permit after a site inspection and a written permit is issued,” says Melton.

According to ABC4 Weather, last Sunday, there were record breaking winds with gusts of 53 mph at the St. George Regional Airport.

“That means we shouldn’t be messing with fire, always encourage people If they’re going to go out camping and it’s windy, propane is always a good option,” says Melton.

Melton wants to remind people burn permits are always required for debris, to prevent wildfires.

The cause of the Left Fork fire is under investigation but officials are asking people to stay away from the area.