Film showing for free at the Utah Film Center takes a look at ‘Flat Earthers’

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SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah)- Every month the Utah Film Center holds free screenings of various films.

Patrick Hubley, programming director for the Utah Film Center, joined us in studio to talk about some of this month’s screening in Salt Lake City. 

SOUFRA – Thursday, Oct. 11 – 7pm @ the Downtown City Library

Follows the inspiring story of a generation refugee – who has spent her entire life living in a refugee camp in Lebanon – as she sets out to change her fate by launching a catering company and expand it to include a food truck. A film about breaking down barriers, hope, passion, and common bonds.

Working with the International Rescue Committee who are organizing a post-film discussion featuring representatives of the Spice Kitchen Incubator.

MAPPLETHORPE – Tuesday, Oct. 16 – 7pm @ Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center

A biopic about the legendary artist Robert Mapplethorpe that explores the intersection of his art and sexuality, as well as his struggle for mainstream acceptance. Starring Matt Smith (Doctor Who) and directed by award-winning filmmaker Ondi Timoner, who will participate in a post-film Q+A.

BEHIND THE CURVE – Tuesday, Oct. 23 – 7pm @ the Downtown City Library

A fascinating look at “Flat Earthers” a group of people who believe the Earth is flat, and that there is a century long conspiracy to suppress this truth. Through a remarkable level of access including input from the scientific community, this film follows one of the most prominent Flat Earthers, as well as other experts who share their theories and proofs for and against the theory.

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