SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – A student remains in the hospital and a suspect in custody following a stabbing Tuesday afternoon near Layton High School.

Police say it happened just around 12:30 pm at Layton Commons Park across the street from the school.

Police say two groups of students met in the park, and a fight ensued between two boys.

One of the boys allegedly pulled out a small knife and stabbed the victim, a 15-year-old student, in the upper abdomen.

This prompted Layton High as well as two other nearby schools to go into a “lockout” protocol while police worked to locate the suspect.

The suspect, a 16-year-old boy, ran from the scene but has since been taken into custody after being located at a nearby apartment complex. The victim was taken to a nearby hospital.

People who live in the area describe the neighborhood as fairly quiet and safe. “The fact that happened here is like kind of mind boggling,” says Breyanna Dillingham of Layton, who spoke to ABC4 while visiting the park with her son Tuesday evening.

Dillingham says she was alerted about the news by her brother. “We were going to WinCo for groceries, and he texted us saying ‘dude some kid just got stabbed, we were like what the heck, that’s scary.'”

Another park visitor, who says he meets a weekly group for practice, says that aside from your normal altercations that happen at city parks, he’s never seen anything too out of the ordinary. “I’ve seen an altercation or two, but I try to not pay attention to it, it’s not my business,” says Jacob Tolman, telling ABC4 he lives just behind the Commons park.

Lt. Travis Lyman of Layton Police says an investigation is ongoing, but encourages students to speak up if they know something is brewing between fellow classmates. He says a large group of students left the school and headed to the park around lunchtime when the altercation happened. “There were kids who knew ahead of time that something was going to happen,” he says.

Police are also still on the hunt for the alleged weapon used, which is believed to be a small knife or shears.

Lyman says police do not suspect the incident was gang-related at this point, “but it’s really unique when it escalates to where someone gets stabbed, and that’s scary,” Lyman tells ABC4 News.

Breyanna Dillingham says while this incident appears to be an isolated one, it does raise concerns for when her son starts going to school. “It’s just this day and age in general with all the shootings and stabbings, I don’t feel safe bringing my kids to school.”

According to Layton Police, the 15-year-old teen is said to be in stable condition.