MURRAY (ABC4 News) – The fish are really biting…not at the lake but at a new kiosk inside the mall.

It’s called Fish Kiss – kind of like a sushi place in reverse. You pay them so the fish can eat you…at least the dead skin on your feet.

“They’re called Garra rufa fish. They’re nicknamed the doctor fish,” Fish Kiss manager Hannah Peterson said. “They don’t have any teeth whatsoever. They just have little lips that vibrate so they vibrate on your skin. They have an enzyme in their spit that breaks it down…Much healthier than like pedicures where they kind of shave off your feet cause that’ll take off the healthy skins cells as well as the dead skin cells. With this they’re just going after the dead skin cells.” 

Fish Kiss was started by a returned LDS missionary who saw the pisces pedicures in Thailand. They have a permanent location in Provo and now this kiosk inside Fashion Place Mall in Murray.

Sierra Lake wanted to see if it would knock her socks off.

“It’s weird. It’s not uncomfortable but it’s weird,” Lake told ABC4 News. “It honestly feels like little bubbles. Like a whole bunch of little bubbles everywhere.”

“I don’t know it’s just creepy. Like having them around your foot,” one shopper said. “That’s weird.”

“We get a lot of like weird looks people who think its very funny, very interesting,” Peterson said. “We get a lot of laughs. When people do it it feels tingly it’s fun.”

Eventually Hannah baited me into becoming bait.Time for these fish to nibble on an anchor.

The fish were getting really fed up with me and it wasn’t scary at all – until I said I wasn’t going to tip and Hannah threatened to release the pirahnas.

Just kidding.
Fish Kiss treatments run from 1$2 dollars for the Peck $ 20 dollars for the Smooch and they sell gift certificates if you want to tell someone Merry Fishmas.