HURRICANE, Utah (ABC4) – The windy weather is causing the air quality throughout the state to be unhealthy.

Construction workers in Hurricane tell ABC4 Southern Utah Correspondent, Jordan Verdadeiro that windy conditions aren’t ideal.

“We try our best to keep the dust and dirt on the job site, not on everybody’s houses and vehicles and all the vehicles passing by, so we’re constantly having to put water in it to try and keep the dust out of the wind,” says Jordan Barr.

Barr says after the job’s done, his body faces the consequences.

“Especially when you blow your nose at the end of the day, straight dirt,” he says.

Dust storms affect Utah’s air quality, but it also affects our health, according to Intermountain Healthcare Pulmonary Physician, Dr. Denitza Blagev.

“But these are different because it’s the high winds that really kick up the dust and we’re breathing in a lot of these particles, which are really harmful,” she says.

She says often, people will notice a change in their health right away.

“Eye burning, throat irritation, or your throat feels scratchy and those can just be those larger particles affecting your mucus membranes and causing irritation,” says Blagev.

Dr. Blagev says it’s important to be mindful of outdoor conditions, especially for those who may be more vulnerable.

“But people have more concerning symptoms so things like coughing, shortness of breath, increase risk of an asthma attack or COPD or emphysema flare, or even an increase risk of heart attack or strokes,” she says.

Dr. Blagev also says people should avoid being outdoors when the air quality is dangerous, to prevent illness and see your doctor if you’re feeling severe symptoms.