SANDY, Utah (ABC4) — The quiet nature of one Sandy subdivision was disrupted yesterday when a FedEx delivery truck drove down the street leaving tire marks, a broken fence, a compromised foundation, and a smashed Ford truck. 

It was just after noon on June 14 when a FedEx truck lost control at Village Point Way in Sandy.

Neighbors said the driver drove down the street and onto the sidewalk taking out a bush in its path. The truck missed a lamp post at such a sharp turn before crashing into a Ford truck parked in the driveway.

“It piled into my neighbor’s garage who had his new truck parked there and the FedEx van demolished my neighbor’s truck. Took out the neighbor’s fence, took out his storage shed and also did structural damage to his driveway,” said MaryAnn Astin, a resident whose own property was also damaged.

Charles, a boy in the community was walking the neighborhood with a friend when he happened to be on the street to see the whole thing happen. He said it was a scary situation. 

“It did a lot of damage. He also flew out of the car. We asked him if he was okay, but we didn’t really hear him that well, so we just ran to my house.”

Astin explained that after the accident, the police came but didn’t get a statement from her even though her property had been involved in the damage. She says she overheard the driver telling police that he had swerved to miss the boys who were walking in the street. Astin saying that’s simply not true.

“I would love FedEx to just step up to the plate and admit what their driver did and pay for the damage. Just make us whole again,” Astin said.

The owners of the truck said they were given a bogus insurance line.

ABC4 reached out to Sandy PD however, no further information has been released.

FedEx issued the following statement:

“There is no higher priority at FedEx than safety. We are reviewing the video and will take appropriate action. Additionally, we will be contacting the homeowners directly to discuss this matter,” Adam Snyder, Communications Advisor for FedEx said.