Family’s close call before cabin burns

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PANGUITCH, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – For the third day in a row, the massive wildfire burning in southern Utah doubled in size. 
By Friday morning, the Brian Head Fire consumed nearly 28,000 acres and continued to evade firefighters. 
At least 20 building have been engulfed, including 13 cabin homes. 
“It was so fast,” said Shawnee Robinson.  
For the Robinson family, it still doesn’t seem real. The setting of so many memories is now ash and stone in a burned forest. 
“We pulled up to the gate. The flames were right above it,” Nick Robinson said. 
Nick Robinson mourns one of the first casualties of the massive wildfire. A cabin, hand built by his grandpa, dad and uncles in the 1960s, was the place of his childhood and even his wedding. 
“When I got out of the cabin, I just knew, I couldn’t be there,” Nick said. 
Nick and Shawnee went to check on their horses when they saw heavy smoke and a single column of fire. Within two minutes, they witnessed raging flames headed right for them. 
“He grabbed me and we got out of there. The flames were probably 75 yards up the hill from the cabin. We knew then everything was gone,” Shawnee said. 
Before they escaped, Nick kicked through the front door and grabbed the only priceless items — three journals — filled with memories from everyone who came to the cabin for nearly five decades. 
“It was so unreal. The fire, the sound of it, was something that I’ll never be able to explain,” Shawnee said. 
Nick plans to write one last entry in the journals about the hot night in June when he rescued them from an unprecedented wildfire.
“I have more respect for firefighters than I ever have. After seeing the difference in two minutes,” Nick said. 
In addition to losing the cabin, the Robinson’s lost a camping trailer, a truck and several 4Wheelers and dirt bikes. The horses, however, are said to be okay. 

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