Family wants justice after dog killed

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OREM, Utah (ABC 4 News) – A 3-year-old Yorkshire Terrier mix is dead — and an Orem family says they want justice.

On October 28, Toby the dog was being walked when he was killed by another dog, according to the family.

Both dogs were on leashes — and police confirmed that both dogs got into a fight.

“He was taking care of our dog, feeding and watering him,” said Paul Bagley, the father. 

His 8-year-old son Jesse was taking care of Toby that day — and had been doing so routinely as he tried to earn a Scout badge.

On the afternoon of October 28, Jesse was walking Toby when Jesse says two dogs, also on leashes, appeared. One of them lunged at Toby.

“His neck was pretty tore up,” said Jesse’s mother Heather.

Jesse has struggled in the aftermath of the attack.

“He had nightmares after it happened, and would sleep in our bed, and didn’t want to go sleep in his own room, and he would wake up saying that big doggies were chasing him trying to eat him, so — it’s been pretty traumatic,” she added.

Orem Police confirm that two dogs got into a fight. They’re not saying that either dog — or either owner — is to blame. A spokesperson for the police department told ABC4 Utah the case has been forwarded to the city attorney for review.

“It’ll keep happening if nothing is done about it,” said Jesse’s mother Heather.

“Obviously can’t bring our dog back, which is pretty sad, cause he was trained really well, and knew who we were, and was really well behaved,” she added.

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