SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (News4Utah) – A family is shocked to find their photos with fake names and made-up stories on Facebook.

In some cases, their deaths have been fabricated and fundraisers appear to be happening in their names.

“I’m just beside myself — it’s so wrong,” said Jacqueline Joseph.

She has found her photos online under the name Heather Stanton.

“I can’t believe this — I was so angry,” she said.

Most of her family members are victims, too.

“It’s a pretty scary thought, when somebody is that obsessed with your family,” said Rob, her father, who is a private investigator.

His latest project has been trying to find out why photos of his family are all over Facebook with false names.

“They’re just creating all of these different stories,” said Rob.

“They’ve actually killed one of my kids off,” he added.

Another made-up story?

“My house burned down. And they’re trying to raise money to take care of that,” said Rob.

“I really just feel like they’ve hi-jacked my family. I kind of want to know why. My kids all feel violated by it.”