WASATCH COUNTY (ABC4 News) – Finn Price was sick just last week saying, “I just did feel right.”

His dad, Kyle Price, took him to the doctor the very next day.

“She said it was a blocked salivary gland,” Kyle explained.

Finn did the routine tests, took his medicine, and went back to school a couple of days after his fever subsided.

“His fever had broken. He was feeling much better. Everything was going well. We hadn’t heard back on this test result yet, so we figured it was not an issue anymore,” Kyle said.

After a couple more days, test results came back and stunned the Price family. Finn had tested positive for mumps.

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“I found out during school,” Finn explained.

His mother, Bethe Price, says the family made a plan of action, “We’ve got to tell our neighbors and our friends, and we’ve got to tell our community.”

But how could that be in the cards? They wondered. Finn had been vaccinated. The Price family, like most people, was unaware of what the odds are.

“The immune system is so complicated so to make something 100% of the population is going to respond to is impossible,” explained Rich Lakin, Utah Department of Health Immunization Program Manager.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the “MMR vaccine is safe and effective. A person with two doses of MMR vaccine has about an 88% reduction in risk for mumps; a person with one dose has a 78% reduction in risk for mumps.

Finn was one of the cases where the vaccination just didn’t provide full coverage. The family suddenly realized it was already too late to prevent the spread.

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“Once they see all the symptoms together and know that there’s an exposure, then they can take precautions to isolate their own children,” Bethe said.

And although Finn is feeling fine now, the Price family is worried and waiting for word on classmates and friends.


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