Family of woman found dead in Ogden Canyon speaks out

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WEBER COUNTY (ABC4 News) – The story of a missing woman comes to a sad end. Police have identified the woman’s body found in Ogden Canyon as that of 30-year-old Chynna Toilolo.

“I keep thinking this is a dream, a nightmare, I’m going to wakeup and it’s going to be all gone,” said Chynna’s mother, Terrie.

A nightmare, that the Toilolo family says could have been avoided. 

Chynna Toilio’s best friend tried to get her to leave Utah back in March after being in what the family called a toxic relationship.

“We purchased a ticket because I live in Arizona and we said the best thing is to get out of Utah and get away,” said her best friend, Nathan Vete.

But Chynna comes from a tight knit family, and friends and family say she didn’t want to leave when she had the chance.

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“She promised me, she’s good, she moved on,” said Terrie.

Chynna was last seen Saturday, according to her family.  They say she’s constantly letting them know where she is. So when they didn’t hear from her, they tried calling her several times, but it kept going to voicemail.

Terrie says filing a missing person’s report was not easy.

“I begged them to please, let me file a missing persons, but they told me there’s not enough… There’s not enough to file a missing person’s report,” said Terrie.

According Pleasant View police, they were not sure where Chynna was technically missing from. The department told ABC4, Terrie filed a report with West Jordan police since that’s where Chynna was living. They also filed a missing person report in Pleasant View, where her ex-boyfriend lives.

The Toilolos took it upon themselves to look for her. They made print-outs and hung them around neighbors’ homes.

“All these people are calling me that lives on that street, they’re calling the number on the flier, the neighbor next to her heard pounding on the door, her saying just give me my phone, I want to go home, give me my phone,” said Terrie.

According to a press release from Pleasant View police, Weber County Sheriff requested Pleasant View help them find an acquaintance of Chynna, who lives on Quincy St. in Pleasant View.  Pleasant View officers took the male acquaintance to the sheriff’s office to meet with Weber Co. investigators.

The case is still under investigation. Weber County Sheriff’s Office says they’re not naming any suspects.

The Toilolos say they won’t give up on getting justice for Chynna.

Family-friends have set up a go-fund-me you can support the family here:


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