Family of man shot and killed by SLC police ‘frustrated’ about unanswered questions

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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) – Two days after Cody Paris Belgard was shot and killed by Salt Lake City Police, his friends and family said they still have no answers.

Very little information has been released by investigators about the shooting that occurred Friday night around 8 p.m. near 800 N. Sir Michael Drive in Salt Lake City.

At this time, it is unknown what led up to the shooting or why police resulted to deadly force. 

Sunday night, his friends and family gathered at the site where Belgard was killed for a candlelight vigil. They told ABC 4 News he was a Salt Lake City rapper known by the name, ‘See Smoke.’

“Utah lost a family member. The music community lost a family member. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for someone. There’s not one bad thing I could think of about Cody,” said Belgard’s cousin and producer, who only wanted to be identified by the name of ’30 Gramz.’

“Cody was a teddy bear. He was big but he was soft-spoken. He loved music because it allowed him to be himself and express himself,” said Sena Belgard, younger sister of Cody Belgard.

She flew in from Hawaii and said her family is frustrated that officials have not let them see his body.

“We were told that he was alive when he went to the hospital. But we weren’t allowed in, so none of us were able to see him before he died. We don’t know if he was alive when we came or not,” she said.

His cousin said he grew up and lived his entire life in the Glendale area of Salt Lake City. Although Belgard has a minor criminal history that included drug offenses and shoplifting charges, his family said he stayed away from gang life and avoided violence.

“He had his ups and downs and his hardships, but he never took anything out on anybody no matter what he was going through,” said ’30 Gramz.’

One of Belgard’s friends, who only wanted to be identified by her first name, ‘Nomi’ said she was one of the last people to see him alive before he was killed by police. She told ABC 4 News she and her husband in their car when they saw Belgard walking to their friend’s house.

“We saw a K9 car with no sirens come creeping up. They did a U-turn as soon as they saw Cody,” said Nomi. “The officer came up to our car, told not to leave or get out of our car. We saw another car coming fast around the corner and then heard six gunshots. Immediately, we knew it was Cody that got shot.”

It is unclear what happened between Belgard and police between the time that Nomi saw him and when he was shot.

“He’s a humble man. He doesn’t do weapons. He’s nice, he wouldn’t hurt a fly. He’s very quiet, he doesn’t raise his voice. Everybody know him as a loving person,” said Nomi. “It hurts that I was one of the last people to see him alive. He didn’t deserve this.”

Belgard’s family said they feel frustrated that two days after the shooting, they still don’t know why he was shot and why they’re not allowed to see his body.

“We want the police to take responsibility. It’s suspicious on their part how they have not released any details about the shooting,” said ’30 Gramz.’

“I feel like something wrong has happened and the police are trying to cover it up,” said Sena Belgard.

The officer-involved shooting is currently being investigated by West Valley City Police Department.

Stay with ABC 4 News as we will bring you the latest information as it comes in.

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