BOHEMIA, N.Y. (ABC4) – A statement addressed to the parents of Brian Laundrie, given by an attorney speaking on behalf of Gabby Petito’s family, urged the two to divulge any possible information they have on her whereabouts.

“Christopher and Roberta Laundrie, we are writing this letter to ask you to help us find our daughter,” the statement began.

“We ask you to put yourselves in our shoes,” the prepared letter continued. “We haven’t been able to eat or sleep and our lives have been falling apart.”


The letter stated that the Petitos believe the Laundries know Gabby’s location and are withholding that information to protect their son from any potential consequences.

“We beg you to tell us. As a parent, how could you let us go through this pain and not help us?” the Petitos demanded to know through the letter.

Petito was reported missing on Sept. 11 by her family after they had gone days without hearing from her. She had gone on a cross-country road trip with Laundrie, her fiance, and was last heard from in late August. Petito’s family believes she was in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

According to the timeline of events, in this case, it is unclear if Laundrie returned to his parents’ home in Florida, where the couple was living, with Petito or not. Some statements from investigating police units have suggested that while two people – Petito and Laundrie – left on the trip, only one came home in their van.

On Wednesday, North Port Police in Florida determined Laundrie is a person of interest in this case. After returning to Florida 10 days before Petito was reported missing, Laundrie “has not made himself available to be interviewed by investigators or has provided any helpful details.”

WATCH: North Port Police discuss naming Brian Laundrie as person of interest in case of Gabby Petito

The couple’s trip had the typical documentation to be expected by 20-something-year-olds on a vacation, with plenty of posts on social media and videos on YouTube. However, evidence, including bodycam footage released by the Moab Police show a major conflict on the road as the two were traveling through Utah.

After pulling over the van that Laundrie and Petito were driving in after receiving a call that “a male had been observed to have assaulted the female,” and finding the vehicle swerving on the road, Moab Police found signs of an altercation between the two.

Laundrie had scratches on his face, and Petito was said to be “crying uncontrollably” while speaking to police in Utah. Despite the perceived issues, police chalked it up to a mental or emotional health break, separated the two for the night, and didn’t put either under arrest.

When asked about the incident in Moab, the Petitos’ lawyer stated he would not comment on the facts related to the relationship between Petito and Laundrie and had been asked by the FBI to remain silent.

The search for Petito is believed to cover a vast portion of the country. She is described as caucasian, approximately 5’5″ and 110 pounds with blonde hair and blue eyes, and several tattoos, including one on her finger and one on her forearm that reads “let it be.”