Family of couple killed in motorcycle crash urges others to be responsible on the road

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WEST VALLEY CITY (News4Utah) – Friends of Aubrey and Kenny Mounteer are raising money for their family and the four children after they were killed in a motorcycle crash Sunday.

West Valley City Police said the couple was riding on a curve near 7000 West 5400 South at a high rate of speed when they crashed. The impact killed Aubrey Mounteer at the scene. Kenny Mounteer was transported to the hospital in critical condition, but died from his injuries the day after.

“I didn’t want to believe it. I figured I could get up to the hospital and he would be okay,” said Hilary Kirk, Kenny’s mother.

“I asked their dad, ‘Please tell me it’s not true’ and he told me it was true. I felt like my heart broke,” said Megan Johnson, Aubrey’s best friend.

Kenny’s dad, Kelley Kirk said hearing the news broke his heart because he had warned his son about buying a motorcycle.

“With a bullet bike, you’re always living on the edge and I told him he wasn’t responsible enough. He needed to buy a cruiser or learn how to ride good before he got on something like that,” said Kelley Kirk. “I think that’s what happened is that he wasn’t experienced enough to control the bike and it got away from him.”

Johnson described Aubrey as a caring person and someone that ‘would do anything for you.’

“She’s been a CNA ever since she was 16 and it takes a special type of person to do that work and take care for the elderly and the sick,” said Johnson.

Hilary Kirk said the couple had been married for eight years and had unconditional love for one another.
“That was not just his wife, that was his best friend. They were inseparable. They were cute together. He was the loud one and she was the quiet one. They just balanced each other out,” said Kirk.

“They were super in love. They loved to joke around and have a good time. Their favorite thing to do was to go camping. Kenny loved fishing so they would go fishing,” said Johnson.

Immediately, Johnson and other friends began raising money for the Mounteer family. The Kirks said their biggest concern is finding and providing adequate care for the four kids Aubrey and Kenny leave behind.

“I love Aubrey and Kenny to death and I think that’s why I’ve been so emotional because those four kids have to grow up without their mom and their dad,” said Johnson. “I worry with school starting how they’re going to be able to go into school and be okay.”

“You don’t plan on burying your 30-year-old son. They’re supposed to take care of the grandkids and then me. Nobody planned for this. Nobody planned funeral money for two people,” said Hilary Kirk. “For the four children’s sake, I wish one of them would have stayed. But if Kenny would’ve survived, I don’t think he would’ve forgiven himself because of Aubrey. Aubrey, I don’t know if she could’ve lived without him.”

Now, Aubrey and Kenny’s friends and family are urging other motorcyclists and drivers to be extra careful and vigilant on the roads.

“Learn how to ride the bike. Don’t ever think you’re better than the bike. Always respect that bike because once you lose respect, you get hurt and end up dead,” said Kelley Kirk.

“Please wear your helmets and the protective gear you need,” said Johnson. “Drivers, look out for other motorcyclists. Being on such a small and exposed vehicle makes them more vulnerable and prone to crashes.”

A candlelight vigil will be held in Aubrey and Kenny Mounteer’s honor on Saturday at 8:30 p.m. at Oquirrh Park (5624 Cougar Lane, Salt Lake City).

If you would like to donate and help alleviate the family’s financial burden, you can donate to one of the following pages:

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