DAVIS COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – A well-loved Utah family business burned to the ground over the weekend. Now, the owners are trying to pick up the pieces from the rubble.

Late Sunday night, Davis County fire officials responded to a 2-alarm fire. Turns out it was the Circle Inn that had erupted in flames.

Garrett Schroeder, whose family owned the Circle Inn since the late 1950s tells ABC4, “It’s just a rough time, there’s so much to weigh through.”

He says processing the devastation has been nothing short of overwhelming.

Schroeder recalls the emotional moment he received the call about the fire and said he was “shaking” and upon arrival went up there and watch what was happening.

“I mean it still feels like a dream,” says Schroeder.

According to North Davis fire officials, it appears the fire was accidental and may have originated in the kitchen area.

Garrett Schroeder tells ABC4 that the building was originally built in 1941, now a total loss. However, fire crews were able to save the next-door furniture store.

The task at hand now for Schroeder and his family is assessing the left-over damage and consulting with insurance companies as they decide what’s next.

Schroeder says it’s a process he’s not familiar with, but they are working through all the details carefully.

While it’s not known just how much money it’ll take or even how long Schroeder says the goal is to rebuild in the same location, “but I’ve never been in this process” Schroeder said.

In the meantime, a community continues to rally behind the family in hopes of their beloved pizzeria reopening again someday.

Currently, a go fund account is open and active in efforts to provide support for the Circle Inn family.