SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – The community gathered for a peaceful vigil Tuesday to remember Utahns lost at the hands of police.

On the sixth anniversary of the shooting death of Dillon Taylor, a 20-year-old man shot and killed by police in 2014, Utahns Against Police Brutality hosted an event in remembrance and celebration of his life.

Families and friends gathered at a mural for people like Taylor and Darrien Hunt who were both shot and killed by police six years ago. Their families said they want to see justice for their loved ones and reform of police policies.

“I hope we get the police reform. I hope. My hope and my prayer is that the officers will start listening, the legislation will listen that they will be trained differently. That no other families have to stand in front of a mural and honor their loved one. That’s what I hope,” said Gina Thayne, Dillon Taylor’s aunt.

A petition to get the Utah County attorney to reopen Hunt’s case currently has more than 740,000 signatures.

The Salt Lake Police Association criticized recently-announced police reforms that aim to limit the use of deadly force by police officers amid continuing protests against police brutality.

Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall signed an executive order last week directing Salt Lake Police Chief Mike Brown to enact several changes by Sept. 5, including mandating de-escalation tactics before using force.

Previously, officers only needed to use “objectively reasonable” force, but now they must use force only when necessary. The police union said Monday that several of the policies are not actually new.

Associated Press contributed to this report.