SNOWBIRD, Utah (ABC4) — Families from near and far took advantage of the long weekend and hit the slopes. They flocked to Snowbird Ski Resort to get a bird’s-eye view of the greatest snow on Earth.  

“Adios muchacho!” a Snowbird employee shouted as a passenger exited a tram cabin.

The tram cabin is new and has just opened to the public last Friday. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people lined up to take a ride.  

“When we were going up and down, it was a good feeling and it felt like we were floating,” Madisyn Chorak exclaimed in excitement.

The young girl, her brother, Aaron, and their dad, Patrick, were among the many passengers.

“My favorite was going up,” Aaron said. “My most favorite was going down.”

“My favorite part was being on the top and then seeing the absolutely pristine views, Patrick said. “It was extremely clear. What a superb day.”  

The Chorak family made the trip to Snowbird just to experience the mountain views on the trams. The new cabins draw the attention of many due to their floor-to-ceiling windows.  

“My most favorite part was watching the skiers go down,” Ali Zaidi said. “This was the first time I’ve been up there, and it was absolutely amazing.”

Zaidi brought his family all the way from sunny Las Vegas to Snowbird to ride the trams. It was a trip that really excited his young daughter.  

“My very favorite part was while we were up there. We got to play in the snow,” Zara Zaidi said with a grin.  

Every visitor who spoke to ABC4 agreed that the views from the tram cabins are incredible. However, a few of the first on the tram said they had to wait for more than 30 minutes as a result of the excitement surrounding the new cabin. Nonetheless, they said the views made every wait worth it.   

When asked what the most exciting part of her visit was, young Zara replied: “The tram when we were going down because it was pretty fast.”  

To keep that momentum moving forward, Snowbird has plans to improve the tram. 

“We’ll have these cabins for the next 50 years and that’s why we took so much time with the design and all the elements that go into it, but come next summer, we’ll have the balcony installed and so people will be able to ride on top of the tram,” said Kelsey Thompson, Snowbird’s creative marketing manager.