The Logan Police Department is investigating a possible false sexual assault accusation that led to a 62-year-old man’s death.

Michael Fife died on April 27th. It was four days after he suffered severe head trauma from being tackled to the ground.

“This was a single, forceful motion that appeared to knock Mr. Fife off his feet,” said Chief Gary Jensen of the Logan City Police Department.

Jensen says the aggressor was a 17-year-old who was led to believe his 16-year-old sister had been sexually assaulted by Fife.

Police said the sister said it happened while on a Cache Valley Transit District bus, but Chief Jensen said the surveillance footage they obtained doesn’t support her claim.

“It just doesn’t appear to according to what we were told, and the video that we watched that the two stories come together.”

Jensen said the assault happened while Fife was getting off the bus near 300 South 100 West.

After the attacker ran away, eyewitnesses called for help.

This was all around 3 o’clock on April 23, but police said the accuser didn’t call to report the alleged assault to police until 6:15 p.m. that day.

“Laws are written,” said Jensen. “There are elements put in place that create the notion of the crime. So, we’re looking at this case trying to decide if the elements, and the knowledge of the perpetrator versus what actions took whether they meet the elements of certain crimes.”

According to a GoFundMe raising money for his funeral, Fife leaves behind a son named after him. 

ABC4 did reach out to Cache Valley Transit District to obtain a copy of the surveillance video. Our request was denied. We were told it could interfere with the investigation.

We also reached out to Michael Fife’s family. We’re still waiting to hear back.


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