Fallen guardsman honored at candlelight vigil

Local News
MONTICELLO, Utah (ABC4 Utah) The community gathered Thursday night to mourn the loss of a member of the Utah National Guard who was killed in Afghanistan. 
Aaron Butler died Wednesday and 11 others were wounded during a building clearing mission in eastern Afghanistan. During the security sweep Butler walked into a booby-trapped building, wired with explosives. 
Butler’s hometown of Monticello held a candlelight vigil to honor him. 
A man who helped raise Butler says service to his country was always the dream. 
“Since he was a little kid, everything was a little combat machine.  Every day.  So he got to live his dream. I was really proud of him. Went back to work, came back a little later today, just to see all the flags.  It was all put together.  I don’t think you’re going to see that in larger towns.  It’s really neat to be by.”
Butler’s parents have decided to bring him home to bury him in Monticello. The funeral will be held August 26. He was one of eight children and he would have turned 28 next week. 

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