Fake news: Police say West Jordan pedophile shooting never happened

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WEST JORDAN (News4Utah) – An incredible story about a 7 year old West Jordan boy killing a pedophile intruder is making the rounds on social media but police say it’s fake news.

The story was posted yesterday on NBC9News.com. In it a writer named Delmar Jones details a 7 year old boy home alone and hearing a window break. The story says he ran to get his father’s handgun and fatally wounded a 56 year old man who was a registered sex offender.

The unnamed boy is quoted as telling police: “I know daddy told me never to touch his guns but I was scared and I didn’t want to get kidnapped by the bad man”, adding that he hesitated to pull the trigger – quote “but he just kept coming towards me and I had no choice.”

An unidentified police officer is quoted as saying “I have no doubt that if the boy hadn’t been able to get the weapon and defend himself, he could have been seriously hurt – or indeed killed.”

It’s a heroic and amazing story…that never happened. Sergeant J.C. Holt of the West Jordan Police Department tells News4Utah that no such incident ever occurred.

The International Federation of Library Associations recommends that when you see a story online:
-Consider The Source
-Check The Author
-Check Your Biases – is your political slant causing you to believe a story that reinforces it?

A closer look reveals that NBC9News.com is not a legitimate news outlet. It’s filled with salacious “click bait” stories and the purported author Delmar Jones has no online profile plus the West Jordan story contains hints it was written outside of the United States like the spelling of “offenses” as “offences” and the word “inquiry” for what we would normally call an “investigation”.

The story was likely created by a pro gun rights organization. Depsite the questionable origin of the story many people continue o share it on Facebook and Twitter. 

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