SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – Multiple faith-based and social justice groups gathered outside Utah Senators Mitt Romney and Mike Lee’s offices in downtown Salt Lake City Thursday evening to urge them to hold a “full and fair hearing” in the impeachment trial for President Donald Trump.

Vote Common Good, a progressive evangelical group that led Thursday’s events during their stop in Salt Lake City for their 50-state bus tour.

“Our objective is to travel around the country, raise awareness on voting for common good, voting based on faith, hope, and love. We’re trying to reach out to Evangelicals and all people of faith to try and get that message that have people rethink how they vote,” said Patrick Carolan, Director of Catholic Outreach for Vote Common Good.

As President Trump’s impeachment trial was underway in Washington D.C., dozens of rally participants held signs and yelled chants urging Senator Romney and Senator Lee to support a fair hearing.

“We’re a nation of laws and our president is not above the law. So people like Romney and Lee should really understand they are a branch of government. They are not there to just do President Trump’s wishes and will,” said Carolan. “We have to decide, really, what kind of nation are we going to be. Are we going to be a nation that promotes hatred, fear, and racism? Or are we going to be a nation that really promotes peace and love.”

Additionally, they said one of their objectives is to encourage voters of faith to vote against President Trump in the upcoming November presidential election.

“Care for the poor, the hungry. Welcome the stranger. We’re asking people to look at that when they vote and look at those issues when they vote. Think about not their own individual well-being, but the well-being of the common good,” said Carolan. “President Trump is so far removed from being Christian. You can’t be a Christian and separate families at the border. You can’t be a Christian and say you’re going to destroy the environment. You can’t be a Christian and kill people in Iran for no reason.”

Carolan said his organization and partnering groups are focusing on primary voters right now and will go on another bus tour after the primaries are over. They say their members and supporters span across the aisle with bipartisan participation.

“We really need transparency and a full and fair trial. This, again, is not about party. There’s no asking to remove him. There’s no asking to take him out of office or remove Pence. The only ask for Senator Romney and Senator Lee is just to vote for a fair trial that allows for witnesses and allow for facts, testimony, and evidence,” said Laurie Woodward Garcia with Move On.

Vote Common Good’s tour bus leaves Thursday evening to Reno and then heads to San Francisco.

In a statement to ABC4 News, Vice President of Utah Log Cabin Republicans Vincent Wetzel said:

“President Trump has fought to ensure that all Americans are allowed to follow their deeply-held moral convictions.
He exempted the Little Sisters of the Poor from the contraception mandate in Obamacare, exempted healthcare workers from participating in abortion procedures, and ended taxpayer funding of abortions both here in America and in foreign nations. This protest today is an absolute outrage. It is inconceivable that some Christians support the radical Democratic Party which booed God at their 2016 convention and won’t even give a warm blanket to babies who are born alive after surviving a failed abortion.”