SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Utah and Mississippi are not geographically near each other, but they’re standing side by side in a legal effort to have the Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade, paving the way for states to outlaw abortion.

Utah is among the 24 states listed on a brief supporting Mississippi’s test case to overturn the landmark 1973 ruling that the U.S. Constitution protects a woman’s right to have an abortion. 

In a statement provided to ABC4 News, Utah Solicitor General Melissa Holyoak says: “We support the petition to the Supreme Court because similar to Mississippi’s law, Utah’s law prohibiting elective abortions after 18 weeks is constitutional. Nothing in the Constitution prevents states from enacting reasonable measures to safeguard the dignity of all human beings, including the unborn. The legal challenge to Utah’s law is stayed pending the outcome of the Supreme Court’s decision, but the Attorney General’s Office will continue to vigorously defend Utah law.” 

On Friday, ABC4 spoke to Utahns on both sides of the issue.

“I am against abortion so I am for overturning Roe versus Wade,” Kelly Roseman of Lehi said. “I think that was a misguided judgement by the Supreme Court.”

Jeanne Eakland of Salt Lake City said the legal brief is an effort by politicians to “control women’s bodies”. 

“I’m perturbed, a little bit embarrassed,” Eakland said about Utah’s inclusion on the brief. “It doesn’t surprise me what states are involved. They seem to be the states that want to trample on women’s rights the most, so I’m not surprised and I’m not surprised Utah is participating, unfortunately.”

“I’m pro-life because I love children,” Scott Atkinson of Salt Lake City said. “All my nieces and nephews, I love ’em to death.”

Christa Zaro of Salt Lake City says she is Pro-Choice.

“I’m extremely upset. I can’t think of another law that governs a man’s body. I can’t name one,” Zaro said. “I really think there’s a lot of men that make these rules and I feel like a woman should have her own choice.”

Utah Senator Mike Lee also filed a brief in support of overturning Roe v. Wade. The Supreme Court has announced that it will hear the Mississippi case during its next term which begins in October.