Experts urge public to be cautious as wildfire season approaches

Local News

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (News4Utah) – Wilderness managers shared a reminder and warning Thursday.

Weather and wilderness experts gathered for the 2018 Wildfire Season Conference Thursday.

They addressed this year’s fire season in Utah. They talked about how the lack of moisture this winter could contribute to a severe fire season. They also used the conference to remind all of us to be careful when were out in the wilderness. 

“We need people to make sure when they have a campfire that they put that campfire out. We ask that folks don’t take fireworks onto public lands. Those are illegal and to certainly be careful of where they drive,” said Dave Whittekiend, said forest supervisor.

If the season turns out to be more difficult than expected, resources will be brought in from other states to help manage and maintain any uncontrollable fires.

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