Expect slippery roads Tuesday morning

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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – Folks will need to be concerned with iced-over roads headed into Tuesday morning. Clear roads or bridges may be the ones covered in black ice.

It’s why everyone in the valley is talking about the roads.

“I have some issues with them,” said Mike Neelay of Cottonwood Heights, “You know it’s slick, icy, and bumpy. and the ruts that are there it could be a little dicy.”

With temps in the teens, the roads may be more like skating rinks heading into the morning.

Stephen Foster the Utah Department of Transporation Station Foreman said, “That’s what we’re battling right now is some ice-packed roads.”

Monday, troopers worked more than 300 crashes, so they’re asking folks to slow way down.

Sergeant Chamberlain Neff with Utah Highway Patrol, “The speed limit and even close to the speed limit is to darn fast. 25 mph maybe appropriate, 35 mph, especially when the roads are slick.”

If you see any type of crash or emergency crews on the side of the road. Don’t be a lookie-loo, move over.

“We want as much space as you can possibly give us to be able to work. Not only as much space but we also want you to slow down. Slow down and continue to get to where you going safely,” Sgt. Neff added.

If you can give yourself an extra hour in the morning to get where you’re going.


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