SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — An new arrest and indictment have been made in the 2022 shooting of UVU graduate and Microsoft exec Jared Bridegan — his ex-wife Shanna Gardner-Fernandez’s new husband. Meanwhile, Gardner-Fernandez’s family has released a statement on that arrest.

Bridegan was shot four times in front of his toddler in Feb. 2022.

The family released their statement through their company, Stampin’ Up!, which was founded by Gardner-Fernandez’ parents. Her current husband, Mario Fernandez-Saldana was arrested and indicted for first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, solicitation to commit a capital felony, and child abuse, according to the Jacksonville Beach Police Department.

In February 2022, Bridegan, a Utah Valley University graduate, was driving home from dropping off his twin daughters at Gardner-Fernandez’s home in Florida when he stopped to remove a tire from the road. After turning on his hazards and stepping out of the vehicle, he was shot several times in front of his then two-year-old daughter, according to police.

While suspect Henry Tenon was arrested as the first suspect in this case in January, police continued searching, saying they believed he did not act alone.

Police say Tenon has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder with a weapon and has agreed to testify against any accomplice. They believe Fernandez-Saldana was the principal actor and solicited Tenon as an accomplice, according to the arrest warrant.

While Fernandez-Saldana is the current husband of Gardner-Fernandez, the statement from Stampin’ Up! says they “have been separated for an extended period of time.”

The company released a statement to their “demonstrators” who represent and sell their products with the company. The statement mentioned “troubling comments” on social media and directed them to block, delete, or report them on their personal accounts if desired.

The statement also told demonstrators they had no more information than what had been reported by the media about the ongoing investigation.

Here is the full statement by Stampin’ Up!:

Stampin’ Up! is aware that Mario Fernandez, Shanna Gardner’s current husband, has been arrested in conjunction with an ongoing investigation. Shanna (Shelli and Sterling’s daughter) and Mario have been separated for an extended period of time. We have no further details about the situation other than what has been reported by the media.

We understand that some demonstrators have received troubling comments about this matter on their social media platforms. Please feel free to delete comments of an inappropriate nature and block/report those commenters on your personal accounts.

You may also share this email with your teams if needed.

Stampin’ Up!’s longstanding commitment to you, and all of our demonstrators, is unwavering. Thank you for your concern and continued support.